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Denverite Now

Jun 16, 2017

This week on Denverite Now...

1) Kevin Beaty profiles local artist Lonnie Hanzon, whose newest piece “Shrine of Humanity” will be on display in Civic Center during PrideFest this weekend. Here’s Kevin’s piece about Lonnie:

Lonnie Hanson and the “Shrine to Humanity” will offer Civic Center sanctuary at Denver PrideFest

Here’s a guide for all things Pride.

2) Megan Arellano breaks down the latest announcement from Car2Go’s Denver office: They are getting rid of their iconic Smart cars in favor of new Mercedes-Benz models. Megan’s report is here:

Car2Go Denver will replace all Smart cars with four-door Mercedes-Benz models

3) Adrian D. Garcia was there when the public got its first chance to comment on the city of Denver’s proposed rules for the implementation of Initiative 300, the social marijuana consumption measure that voters approved last November. You can find Adrian’s report and the city’s proposal here:

Denver marijuana rules for social consumption areas mostly supported in public comments

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