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Denverite Now

Jun 23, 2017

This week on Denverite Now…

1) Andy Kenney talks through his major investigation into the deteriorating conditions at the Salvation Army’s Crossroads homeless shelter in RiNo, which you can find here:

How a Salvation Army homeless shelter became a potential deathtrap in Denver’s trendiest neighborhood

2) Megan Arellano and Ashley Dean contextualize the city’s recent announcement of a new tool meant to bring un-permitted DIY art spaces up to code. Here’s a selection of their award-winning reporting on the issue:

Denver may be first in nation to grant legal status to un-permitted DIY art spaces

Denver allots $20K for “safe creative spaces,” artists ask for help and clear plan

Rhinoceroplis was already grappling with one threat: development

Denver Fire shuts down DIY arts space Rhinoceroplis

3) Adrian D. Garcia discusses how Amazon Prime Now will fit into Denver’s broader food network. Here’s some of his past coverage of the spread of similar grocery-delivery services and food security issues:

Why grocery delivery in Denver, from Amazon Prime Now and others, does not solve food insecurity

Why Denver’s $3 million might not be enough to get grocery stores in underserved neighborhoods

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