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Denverite Now

Jul 14, 2017

This week on Denverite Now…

1) Stephanie Snyder and Dave Burdick invite you to Denverite’s one-year anniversary party at 6 PM on JULY 26 at GALVANIZE PLATTE.

RSVP here!

2) We do a “close read” of Mayor Michael Hancock’s State of the City speech, with Denverite’s beat reporters reacting to and analyzing his major policy announcements. Here’s Erica Meltzer’s coverage of the speech:

Even Mayor Hancock finds Denver’s pace of development “shocking”

And if you want to experience the whole speech for yourself, you can read it here and watch it here.

Remember, you can send any questions or feedback about the podcast to or tweet at us using the hashtag #DenveriteNow.